10 things you might not know about Paris

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1. Napoleon became king into Notre-Dame de Paris, the pope was here ready for the ceremony but Napoleon didn’t want to wait so I took the crown and put it on his own!

2.The only building destroyed by the German is the Prefecture de Paris.

3. If you go to “le Louvre” and you spend 30 seconds in every piece of art it would take you 31 days!

4.The Pont neuf (translate new bridge) is the oldest bridge of Paris, it was the first bridge to be built in stone.

5. The head sculptures on the Pont Neuf are inspired from drunk faces! Francois the 1st made a party in honor of this new bridge and a painter was at the party, the morning after Francois the 1st love it and decided to get inspiration from it for the scultpures.

6. The point Zero (understand kilometer Zero) , kilometers of the highway and roads of France are measured from this point. You can see it Place du Parvis in front of Notre-Dame de Paris.

7. Museums are free on the 1st Sunday of the month.

8.If you go to the Louvre shopping center, for 1€ you can go to some really fancy toilets!
There will be somebody clean before and after you, electro music is played loud, and you can buy some fancy toilet paper before leaving !

9. Most of the toilets are not free, even in MacDonald I had to pay 50p!

10. You can buy a pass for the week for the tube , bus ect, It’s called Paris Visit and if you want to take the tube a lot it is cheaper.
But if it is a nice weather I advise you to try the Velib, the 30 first minutes are free and it is a great way to discover the French capital!

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