Fit Sunday: 5 healthy and delicious lunch salads

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Fresh, colourful, nutritious and healphy (if you choose well) – salads are a great weekday lunch option. With the number of salad bar and fit food take aways on the rise in London, there are more and more option to choose from. Here is my top 5:

1. Pollen + Grace: Orange + Fennel hydratation box

I discovered Pollen and Grace this week and what a great find.  Delicious and fresh food delivered at my desk just in time for lunch.

I opted for the seared sesame crusted chicken breast with a creamy cannellini bean puree and a hydrating + detoxifying salad of orange, fennel, basil and rocket. Yes, this is as delicious as it sounds.  I had the salad along with their green+lean juice (spinach, cucumber, fennel, lemon + pear) and some peanut and cacao Easter ball for dessert. Lush!

2.  CrusshSmoked Salmon & Avocado Protein Box with Chia Seed Cream Cheese

It’s all about the chia seed cream cheese! I absolutely love it. And 22.5g of protein per portion this salad will certainly keep you full all day. Perfect if you know that you have a cardio workout in the evening or that you will have a late dinner.

Their smoothies are also delicious. The detox cactus is my go to breakfast smoothie: Pineapple juice, low fat yoghurt (MILK), pineapple, cactus, bananas, lime, detox booster. The taste of cactus is quite particular so I suppose that it won’t please everyone but definitely worth a try.

3. Leon: Original superfood salad

I must admit that I don’t like everything at Leon, I find some of the lunch option overpriced but the original superfood salad is real green goodness: Broccoli, peas, cucumber, avocado, quinoa, Feta, fresh mint and parsley, toasted seeds and a pot of vinaigrette.

If you want to opt in for a light lunch have the salad on its own and add only half the vinaigrette (it is normally more than enough), however if you are in for a bit of a cheat meal try out the Leon baked fries along with the aioli sauce. Naughty but delish!

4. Chop’D: Healphy Chicken and avocado

Mexican bean mix, avocado, chicken, house leaf mix, sunflower seeds, parsley – what’s not to love. Chop’D offer a range of a la carte salads as well as the option to make your own.

They have a click and collect service which I think its brilliant. You can order your salad online and pick it up in the nearest store. This is a great way to beat the queue at the lunch rush hour!

5. Itsu: Hip, humble and healphy

The first time I ate this, I totally picked it because of the name. Who doesn’t want to be hip, humble and healphy right?

Awesome name aside, this salad is actually delicious. Avocado, muki and green beans, seasoned Japanese rice and kombu relish, this is a great, filling vegetarian lunch option.


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