So here we are, the section where I must tell you something about myself.

I was born on a warm summer day in a town called Melun, close to Paris.

I was raised there and moved to Toulouse with my family when I was 15.  Despite the fact that I grew up close to Paris, I always felt like a southern girl and I believe that if there is one place, in France, where I belong, it is definitely in the south.

In 2008, I had a job as a sales assistant/make-up artist in one of the top luxury firm in France with an unfixed term contract. To be fair, I didn’t like it much, no, actually I really didn’t like it at all. I felt stuck in a job I didn’t like and knew that I needed to get away soon if I didn’t want to end up there for ever. I had dreams, like everyone. One of them was to speak English.

In January 2009, I moved to London, with the ambition to learn and speak English as well as I can speak French.

I learnt English, made friends and fell in love for this amazing city that is London. I aslo decided to pursue my dreams and went back to university and I am now studying for a Masters degree at the LSE in Media and Communications.

I love dancing, writing, reading and taking pictures. I also discovered a growing interest for  the media and the political economy surrounding it through my journey at university. I am fascinated with digital media and social media and I am now looking to develop my career in these areas. This is what I am, an other foreign student, in the massive city that is London, a city where I feel that I belong to a bit more, every day. Just another French girl living in London town and loving it most of the time!