Burberry keep sharing the digital love and team up with Google for ‘Burberry kisses’

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When fashion and digital meet: What’s not to love?

Another geek-chic initiative coming from Burberry. The fashion brand who is famous for its digital and social media presence partners with Google to launch Burberry kisses.The initiative allow users to create interactive postcards sealed with a digital kiss. Once sealed the user can see the card reaching its destination through the world of Google map. More than a simple digital campaign ‘Burberry kisses’ humanise technology or as Christopher Bailey puts it “gives technology a bit of heart and soul, and uses it to unite the Burberry family across the world – by telling a story that makes the digital personal.”

Consistency Always

The consistency of a brand image is capital, we know it and repeat it as something that is so logical and simple that we often forget about it. Burberry digital success is not only down to its impressive social media presence or again its digital initiative on its website. No, what makes the brand stand out is the consistency they keep. Indeed, in everything Burberry does we can find the same values. British heritage, the same type of model, the Burberry acoustic music and so on. For example in the Burberry kisses campaign we can hear the Burberry acoustic singer Misty Miller. The singer is currently on the Burberry acoustic website with her song remember.

Engagement, engagement, engagement!

The campaign is also a winner when it comes to customer engagement. Once your kiss snapped you can choose a lipstick color #Engagement1

Lip color


You can then choose a lipstick colour (or no lipstick at all) and enter your details as well as the details of the receiver.



Once the letter written and sealed with your kiss you are invited to sign up to Burberry updates #Engagement2


After seeing your kiss flying across the globe and reaching its destination you can share your kiss on social media platforms. Of course! #Engagement3



The engagement doesn’t stop with the sender. Once you received your kiss you are invited to respond and are in turn engaged.

I did send a few kisses as I was writing this blog post and I really much enjoyed the experience. The geek in me loved watching the kisses flying on the world map and the fashion lover loved the human, lovely and fun experience. Proof that experimenting campaigns like this one work and are clearly an important part of the overall marketing strategy.

So, are you going to share the Burberry love?


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