Fit Sunday: from elephant to gazelle with the pose running technique

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After years of running – and many injuries – I have discovered that there was a “good way” to run and that improving my technique could help me to become a faster, stronger runner.

I never thought that my running technique was wrong. As a matter of fact I never knew that there was such thing as a running technique. Running has always been really simple to me. You wake up, put trainers on and run. The more you run, the better you get.

It seems really simple however, after 10 years of running, I can’t really say that I have improved much. Yes, I have increased my milage and pace but I have also been injured many times which has prevented me from reaching the next level in my running.

When you think about it, every sport is about technique. We hear about Federer’s volley, Zidane’s control or again Jordan’s crossover dribble .

So was that the secret? Could I learn to run?

As a running enthusiast  I was really eager to learn more and signed up for a POSE running technique workshop with Running Coach G. The workshop was a real revelation to me. Sitting in a room listening to the agenda for the day I actually realised that I had no idea how to run. I had no technique whatsoever and I couldn’t wait to learn how to become a more efficient runner.

The workshop teaches you how to run more efficiently and reduce the risk of running related injuries thanks to the POSE running method. The technique consist of three key elements: Pose – Fall and Pull. It teaches you how to use gravity as the primary force for forward movement instead of using your muscles.

And it works! As I was practicing the drills I instantly realised that I was running faster whist feeling lighter. This is extremely important – especially knowing that running can cause joint strains which often lead to injuries.

The two and half hours workshop is a great starting point however you must keep practicing. Like everything, bad habits are hard to get rid of! I have been using the technique ever since and whist I am not there yet, I can already feel the difference.

This before/after video shows the huge difference the technique makes. It is worth noting that between the “before” and “after” video, we practiced the POSE method for two hours going through the 3 key elements of POSE: Pose, Fall and Pull.

As you can see in the “before” video I tend to lend on my heel which can cause excess strain on some muscle and lead to injuries. I have suffered from shin splints for years so I am not surprised to see that I heel strike.

In the after video, I seem to land more on my forefoot, my posture is also better. I still need to work on my posture/cadence but I am really pleased with the difference. The workshop was brilliant and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their running to the next level!

Click here to find out about the POSE running workshop dates and times.


  1. Great post. Glad to hear it’s working and to see you’re getting faster as a result. Keep practicing and run happy

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