Fit Sunday: Oh Hello Fresh

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I enjoy cooking, but I must admit that there are occasions when I wish that someone would do all the preparation for me. Indeed, looking for recipe ideas and going grocery shopping feels like a chore at times.

Hello Fresh does exactly that! A box delivered to your door with recipes and all the ingredients needed. The principle is quite straight forward: head to the Hello Fresh website and choose a box from their omnivore or vegetarian options and receive your box at home in the following days. If you decide to go for the Classic 3 Meal box (3 meals for 2 people, with meat and fish) you will be able to choose your 3 meals from 5 recipes each week. I can’t wait to try this week recipes: Milly’s herby chicken with couscous and oven ratatouille, Seared black pepper steak salad with chimichurri dressing and Tiger prawns and chorizo spaghetti with fresh vine tomatoes. And with the simple step by steps recipes, no excuses for the boy not to cook!

The good points:

  • The step by steps recipes are easy to follow and really delicious.
  • The box contain everything you need (except salt, pepper and cooking oil) so no trip to the supermarket needed!
  • All the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.
  • Hello Fresh and Jamie Oliver have teamed up in a goal to get people cooking fresh meals. You will then be able to try a recipe from Jamie Oliver himself each week.

The not so good points:

  • The smallest box serves two people. This is not ideal if you are cooking for one as you will probably have left overs. Hello Fresh actually accounted for that by promoting the food sharing app Olio  in their boxes.
  • The recipes times are sometimes inaccurate, especially if you are new to cooking.
  • The lack of options might be an issue if you are vegetarian or interested in the family box.
  • Whist convenient, Hello Fresh is quite expensive and probably not an option on a weekly basis if on a budget.

I really like Hello Fresh and would love to be able to get a box once a month however it isn’t something that I would like to have on a weekly basis. Indeed, I like choosing my ingredients and being in control of what I eat each day. The budget for a 3 meals box is higher then our usual weekly shopping budget, meaning that we won’t be able to afford this every week. Nevertheless I would really recommend trying Hello Fresh if you have a chance, they have a trial food box (3 meals for 2 people) for £42, allowing to try the service without committing to a weekly delivery.

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