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Exams done , dissertation handed in and holidays over I am back in London and actively looking for a job. As a consequence the last month have been spent writing cover letters and job applications. But as we all know, the market is saturated with young and bright graduates trying to secure their first role. As I started to apply to jobs I  to asked myself the following question:

What makes me stand out from the crowd?

Passion, enthusiasm and a real interest and knowledge about the industry you want to get into are surely great qualities that can help you secure a job but they are not the ones that will make all the difference. As a matter of fact, if I have learned anything during the last month it is that the time invested in meeting people in the last twelve month has proven to be invaluable.

For years, teachers, friends and professionals kept telling me to network. “Having a great network is your best chance to find a job” would they say. And they were well right! I have always believed in the power of a great network but I must say that it is only since I have started to look for a job that I realised how powerful it can be.

Of course building a network is hard work. This year alone I have volunteered for two industry events: Digital Shoreditch and  Social Media Week. It is hard work and the days are long BUT it also is great fun. I am truly passionate with everything digital and loved attending such events. It is the best place to keep up the date with the latest industry news and it surely is an amazing opportunity to network.

And so, a few weeks ago someone I met at Social Media Week put me in touch with the lovely Goergina Brazier. She is a web content producer for Brand Republic and needed to interview young graduates interested in Advertising and Marketing. I jumped on the occasion and here is the result!

I don’t particularly like seeing/hearing myself on screen but it is always great to get a bit of exposure. Especially when job hunting!

Are you a young graduate looking to get into marketing or advertising? Have you found networking helpful? What are your best job search tips? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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