I survived exams at the LSE and this is what I learned

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If you wondered why I struggled to update my site for the last couple of months the answer is : Finals.



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Judging by the library sits that are available  in the library (none) and the amount of Redbull cans that can be seen on the tables I can safely say that is it certainly the most busy and stressful time of the year for most students. Exams, essays, deadlines, dissertation plans and job applications seem to all happen concurrently.   In these stressful times we all reach out for advices and tips on how to maximise our time and organise our workloads in the most effective way. Here are the things that worked for me and will hopefully work for you too!

1. Give yourself deadlines: That might seem quite obvious but it is easy to get carried away. For example when working on an essay one could spend weeks reading and researching. It is important to set yourself clear time frames and try to stick to it. Obviously, it won’t always happen but having a calendar with your plans written always help. Don’t forget to put the fun stuff in there too, holidays or simply evening out with friends. It is always nice to look forward to the rewards of your hard work 🙂


2. The more personal your revisions, the more you will remember : Cue cards with drawings or colours, mind maps, recording and listening to yourself over and over again, stick posters all around your bedroom … We all have different way to study and the most important is to realise what works for you. For example I recorded myself reciting my cue cards and would listen to it over and over again on my iphone, it seems weird but it works for me. Drawing also works. Sitting in the exam room and writing my essay I did remember the names of some authors thanks to the lovely drawing next to it. Butterfly -> Silverstone. Cloud -> Habermas. Sometimes the trick is to revise in ways that seem at first weird, indeed you will surely remember yourself running in the parc and listening to yourself. Finding the way your brain works is really important, not everyone remember everything by simply cramming it all in in the silent area of the library!

Revision 1   photo

3. Study groups are life savers: Clearly once you understood something and got some examples in mind it is much easier to remember it. Talking things through with your fellow uni mates can just be what you need. Remember that we all all in the same boat so why not helping each other and revise together!

Study group


4.  Exercise and Relax: There is no better way to relieve stress than exercising. Exercising is a great way to take a break in your revisions. Alternatively a bubble bath always works!


5. Eat Well: We all tend to eat really unhealthy during exam period. Loads of caffeine,  sweets and sandwiches might be appealing at first but you will surely end more more run down and tired. Fruits, veg and proteins should be your friends! And how great is it to start the day with a tasty, healthy breakfast 😉



6. We know you have no time for a social life but having a drink can help too! Now I am not encouraging you to drink but sometimes relaxing with a friend around a glass of wine can just help to unlock these amazing writing skills of yours. One glass no more, and of course not everyday 😉


7. Use all the resources at your disposition: Revisions lecture, tips or even something organised by your Student Union? Make sure that you look at all the resources that are here for you. We have been lucky at the LSE as our Student Union had organised a DeStress festival just for us. Petting Zoo and free ice-creams on Campus. I must say, you gotta love being and LSE student!


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