My first timelapse

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There are the things you want to do and the things you actually put into action.

I must admit that since graduating from the LSE I have enjoyed having a quiet – or at least less hectic – lifestyle. In other words I have been fairly lazy and got into the “metro-boulot-dodo” routine leaving my dear camera on the side – as well as this blog- and I have missed it.

So when my boyfriend came up with some weekend photography plans I was all in. He is working on a short Sci-fi movie and I thought that I could join and work on my little side project The plan: create my first timelapse. After quite a bit of research and a lot of very good advices we arrived on the shooting location.



A great setting and a great view. I came home five hours later with approximately 1300 pictures to edit and put together. As a timelaspe novice the task did not seem easy at first but thanks to the internet – and its tutorials of course – I have managed to put something together. It isn’t perfect but I am really pleased with the result!


Camera: Canon 1000D
Aperture : f/5.6
Iso: 200
Shutter speed: from 2 sec to 1/850
Intervalometer set up at 1 frame every 5 seconds.

There is quite a bit of flickering and seeing the final video I wish I had stayed a bit longer to get more night-time images. My first attempt at creating a time-lapse but certainly not the last.  Since my camera is too old to use softwares such as magic lantern the process was really manual. I kept the ISO and aperture stable all the way through and manually changed the shutter speed as the time passed. Once at home here are the steps undertaken to get to this final result.

1. Photoshop batch automated action:

With all the pictures in my computer I realised that they were all a tiny bit too bright. I then created an action in photoshop and duplicated the process all other images. After playing around with the batch processing action I realised that it was much faster and easier to run a batch script to apply to all your images.

2. Rename all images using Adobe bridge:

Now that I had all my images edited and saved as jepg in a folder I realised that the naming did not make much sense.  I did then batch rename my pictures in Adobe bridge following this tutorial. Really straight forward!

3. Create a timelapse from all pictures in Adobe After Effects

There are loads of tutorial out there and looking here and there I found it to be pretty straight forward. I loved working in after effects and can’t wait to get my head around it so I can use it to its full potential.

4. Add music in Premiere Pro

Adding music to a video in Premiere-Pro appeared to be really straight forward. Having never used Premiere-pro before I was quite impressed by the simplicity of the task. Drag and drop, add a fade in/out effect and hop, its in the bag!



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