Super Bowl 2014: Go viral or go home

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Super Bowl XLLVIII might be a couple of days away but for the advertisers the game is already on. With every 30 seconds spot selling for about $4 million this year, the brands in the game better play their cards right. Today’s ads success is not simply based on the impact of the ad itself on the evening on the Super Bowl. For companies participating in the big event the goal is to win the game before it even begins.

To succeed on the big screen advertisers must first create the buzz on “second screens”. So who has won the Internet so far?

1. Budweiser: “Puppy love”

Released yesterday, the as has already 17,407,659 views on Youtube. What’s not to love, a puppy, a horse, a nice guy and some emotional music. Add a catchy hashtag to it and it’s in the bag. #BestBuds

2. AXE:  “AXE Peace: Make love, not war”

Contrary to Budweiser Axe has decided to surprise its audience by straying away from their usual “us males can make females act like animals thanks to our amazing sex appeal” message. From sexism to world peace, no one would have expected this from Axe. And that’s why it is so good! #KissForPeace

3. Kia: “The truth”

Kia, well known for their affordable cars have decided to mark their entrance in the luxury world by using a pop culture icon as its spokesman. And who best than Mortheus can open your eyes to “The truth”?

Finally, if the main reason for you watching the Super Ball are the ads rest assured. Not all brands have released their ads upfront.

So who will be at the top of the Super Ball ad chart this year? I think that Budweiser will probably be at the top but who knows? Yellow might surprise us!

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